ASWB Engineering has over three decades of successful experience working with utilities nationwide. The core of our services focus on Energy Efficiency (EE), Demand Response (DR), and Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM). Our services include:

Demand Response and Auto-DR

  • Program policy development
  • Technical policy development
  • Audit review
  • Load-shed functionality testing
  • Demand Response Automation Server (DRAS) connectivity requirements development
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Customer and vendor leads

Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V)

  • Research design, analysis, and report development for market assessment
  • EM&V studies including process and impact evaluation
  • Manage EM&V projects, including data collection, analysis, studies, and expert reviews on other EM&V work
  • Market research project design, sample design, survey instrument construction, analysis, and report development
  • Advice and expert assistance with development of study methodologies and individual study plans for long-range, comprehensive research plans
  • Statistical analysis for use of data in program targeting and other program design and implementation decisions

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficiency engineering consulting Services
  • Energy audits
  • Energy modeling
  • Project verification
  • Energy retrofit project management and implementation
  • Energy efficiency engineering field work services

See our energy efficiency process

Retrocommissioning (RCx)

  • Identify potential measures
  • Develop RCx plan
  • Establish baseline
  • Implement selected measures
  • Perform M&V post implementation
  • Provide third-party evaluation on RCx projects

Education & Training

  • Training development on a variety of subjects related to energy efficiency.
  • Training offered at customer’s site, off-site location, or ASWB’s offices
  • Workforce Education & Training (WE&T)

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Codes & Standards

  • Identify and develop EEMs
  • Market analysis and assessment
  • Analyze measure cost-effectiveness
  • Economic and environmental impact
  • Calculate state-wide energy savings
  • Code implementation
  • Produce Codes And Standards Enhancement Initiative (CASE)

Industry Standard Practices (ISP)

  • Conduct research
  • Develop and conduct interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Review literature
  • Develop work papers

Emerging Technologies

  • Behavior and market studies
  • Research plan development
  • Literature review
  • Program and technology review
  • Develop and administer surveys
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Develop work papers

Demonstration Projects

  • Preferred resources pilots
  • Energy efficiency showcase projects

Water–Energy Nexus

  • Measurement & Verification (M&V)
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Market potential research
  • Work papers
  • Project management